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Alleppey HouseboatsAlleppey HouseboatsAlleppey Houseboats


House Boats are designed in the form of a house and have all the facilities of a home. Rooms, Toilets, Kitchens, Sit outs and Sun bathing deck and a dedicated and devoted crew members to cater to your needs are some of the features in RKV House boats.

RKV Tours take pride in introducing you to the 'utopian' world of sensations and surprises.

At RKV Tours, Tradition blends with Hospitality and Heritage. Our House Boats speaks volumes about our culture and customs. RKV House Boats is embellished with the most modern day comforts. We take meticulous care to keep our guests happy and safe. Our enterprising crew makes sure that you are placed at the zenith of comfort zone.

cruise through the backwaters will reaffirm your faith that there is a paradise on earth, Alappuzha, a natural paradise of incomparable beauty. Our luxurious standards of accommodation, the miracle of soothing climate, serene milieu, the traditional mouth watering delicacies prepared in front of your eyes together with the soul lifting Nature ensure that your time in Alleppey will be equally paradisiacal. Come on; cast your magic spell and enjoy the enthralling and once in a life-time experience.